Thursday, 24 January 2013

Pair of Mercedes-Benz CLK

SLS AMG SL65 AMG supercars series and the current black and is the leading Mercedes-Benz line, but again at the end of 1990 was all about the GTR CLK - relentless race car thinly disguised and cars in the streets. Release an integral part of the car seen here in street racing homologate competing in the GT1 FIA class of 1997 and 1998 (winning the championship in 1997). Each comes with a 6.9-liter V12 engine with 612 horsepower and features modern luxury cars as a six-speed sequential with paddle shifters and carbon fiber brakes. Built after 25, including examples five roadsters, making CLK GTR and one of the super sports history more memorable.

For this reason, the car CLK GTR road auction immediately caught our attention. Each car in the auction sale RM in London on October 28. A coupe and passed to the other side of the pool, each. Brand new and unregistered, with delivery miles only strangers were built, and custom cars, and the right to the original owner. Magnetic resonance imaging shows the estimated price by GTR CLK for one-third of the original cost to build cars, some collectors are lucky to take home large to reach an agreement. Follow the jump for more details about the car, or pull stunning high-res gallery below.


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