Sunday, 17 March 2013

Styles Green Cars Galore

Honda unveiled another car leading Green, Insight hybrid, which is a new model for 2013. According to MSNBC, and Insight hybrid design is quite different from Toyota, which operates primarily as a gas engine with electric assist, a decision that leads to improved highway fuel economy of the city mileage. Insight to get 40 in the city and 43 on the highway, according to Honda. Insight is also likely to cost less than the Prius, because it contains a small battery electric motor. Honda has not announced the price of a new vision, but said it would be less hybrid Civic. Is likely to be about $ 20,000.
American companies also trying to see what was on the road to a green future super. Chrysler 200C EV showed the electric power train. This is still a prototype, based on the current Chrysler 300C model. This new hybrid car to go 40 miles on electricity, with an engine to generate more energy for an extra set when Northeast

New Tesla Motors debuts the Model

After giving some teaser shots, Tesla Motors yesterday that everyone get an eyeful of the new Model S, the company of $ 57.400 electric vehicle model. Like its cousin sports car, based on the $ 109,000 car, and the Model S with lithium-ion batteries for juice, giving the car a range of 300 miles (482 kilometers) is responsible for 45 minutes, according to the company. Do not neglect the need to accelerate: Form S clock speeds from zero to 60 in 5.5 seconds.
In the heady days of the manufacturers of electric and hybrid vehicles and consumers. Last week, President Obama announced $ 2.4 billion in grants for research for the next generation of plug-in electric vehicles, with funding from going to work and training electric car battery repair technician, efforts as well as the truck development station charging stations, according to a news release from the Ministry of Energy.