Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Ultimate Green Car

Revealed cars Honda FCX Clarity fuel cell at the Los Angeles Auto Show.
It is also envisaged that the fuel cell to produce a zero emission car in the summer of 2008. Customers can rent a car for $ 600 a month for a period of three years, which includes insurance and all maintenance expenses.
The FCX Clarity achieves a fuel economy of 68mpg combined and can travel up to 270 miles. Car has many advanced technologies such as lithium-ion battery that is up to 40 percent lighter and smaller than 50 percent of the battery in the current FCX. The FCX Clarity also has a hydrogen storage tank with 5,000 lb. capacity 10 percent additional hydrogen than the previous model.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Honda Civic Sedan 2012

Pretext of having no diesel engine, although they seem very convincing, given the fact that Honda has unveiled only the 1.6-liter I-DTEC turbo diesel engine that was displayed earlier, with great fanfare, as it was the first of its kind in a new set ofdiesel engines from Honda. This 1.6-liter diesel, which will be built in the United Kingdom, and 120 hp and maximum power of 300 Nm torque, with fuel economy and class-leading low exhaust emissions. It uses widely in this engine Civic 2012. So far. Honda seems reluctant to launch the 2012 Civic diesel in India, for reasons best known to him.

So that means we still have to wait several months for Honda Civic 2013, the Japanese automaker has begun aggressively to develop, and after the disappointing reaction Civic 2012. However, with the current Civic has become dated in the passing week, Honda will have a task in hand to push the car away from the display racks. Once in decent seller in India, civil, and that was too extreme when it was for the first time in India, became lazy, did not have a diesel engine under the hood.

GM recalling 36,413 Impala police cars over fracturing control arms 2012

A day after General Motors Chevrolet 1713 to remove the police Impala sedans in Canada, published by him to remove cruise Impala 36,413 in the United States. A related issue to the front lower control arms cars model year 2008-2012, which can be broken and separated from the mountains.

GM says accidents attributable to any problem, but will begin sending out notices to owners later this month and dealers will replace the minimum front arms. In an email, spokesman Alan Adler Chevrolet Cars AutoMK "No retreat, or any other field of police work is not to (civil) Impala now or in the works." Why? According to Adler, "We have been analyzed to understand the power of resistance in the Impala showed police identify weapons used in the basis Impala exceed durability requirements engineering GM".

Monday, 15 October 2012

Honda Civic Launched in Pakistan 2012,2013

Honda Civic Honda recently launched 2013, while the current production is set to model Honda Civic to stop. However, the process of cleaning the old Civic cars running. Quote the price of the new Honda Civic 2013 is uncertain, but it is estimated base price for the model between 21 and 23 lakes depending on the specifications. The latest model is equipped Honda Civic 2013 with a noisy cabin, Power mysterious interior and mediocre quality. Showing pictures of Honda 2013 Civic model revealed by Pakistan.