Tuesday, 16 October 2012

GM recalling 36,413 Impala police cars over fracturing control arms 2012

A day after General Motors Chevrolet 1713 to remove the police Impala sedans in Canada, published by him to remove cruise Impala 36,413 in the United States. A related issue to the front lower control arms cars model year 2008-2012, which can be broken and separated from the mountains.

GM says accidents attributable to any problem, but will begin sending out notices to owners later this month and dealers will replace the minimum front arms. In an email, spokesman Alan Adler Chevrolet Cars AutoMK "No retreat, or any other field of police work is not to (civil) Impala now or in the works." Why? According to Adler, "We have been analyzed to understand the power of resistance in the Impala showed police identify weapons used in the basis Impala exceed durability requirements engineering GM".

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