Saturday, 16 February 2013

Style Fotos de autos

You can open this list and only exhibition vehicles must be according to the occasion, with a car is not indifferent to one. And convert the few who have the privilege to buy, but we can enjoy all the pictures of this type. Third picture, it's more classical past, but great for the whole family.

18 most dependable cars

Study just published JD Power and Associates in the annual car reliability, with assessments in 18 categories. This year's study combines information that has been collected in the last year of the owners of 2014 model cars and trucks. At first glance, the highlights of the survey JD Power 2013 is that cars have become more reliable in every year, and this is the United States, and close the gap dependence on imports, and won five of the categories of 18, and Japanese brands still dominate the list, with two rebels of Germany and South Korea pay for gestures category. When you click to find the winner in each category. As the speed of your car?