Friday, 9 November 2012

Formula Nippon cars to be made in USA 2012

Thirty-odd before, began designing and building cars Japanese cars specifically for the world's largest company car market place: America. Unfortunately, the big three met never returned not design a car specifically designed for the second largest market: Japan. However, he has earned Swift Engineering in California only for each decade Chassis Japan is the largest category of cars, Formula Nippon, and make a small dent in the trade deficit with Japan's huge American cars. Or they would be if the car street legal.

New carbon monocoque replace the steel frame structure by the fact that the formula has been used since the series became a fact in 2012, and retired 3.4L engine + Honda and Toyota, which resemble architecturally 600HP those used in the IRL. The most striking design change is that sin 6'4 "wide front wing which bucks the trend in single seater formulas of international AIDS smaller, less efficient aerobic.

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