Friday, 17 August 2012

Honda Accord Sedan 2013

While many think of the Honda Accord has lost its way since the 1990s, and the car is still selling very well, and find the sweet spot of style, performance and functionality, and for many drivers. 2013 looks like the model to update the car, with cooler, more dramatic proportions and the subject of an agreement.

Preliminary agreement Concept Coupe Detroit Auto in 2012, the new car looks somewhat similar to the current agreement, but at the same time, combines elements of greater harmony, and had a higher precision, modern look.

Samplers spy car that is still largely used in the flow, however, and maintain changes Accord Coupe concept car sedan production, from our point of view. Due to the convergence of Honda models to display the output thinly disguised as concepts, but we have every reason to believe that what is under the covers, very similar in concept to Detroit.


  1. Honda accord is one of the reliable cars out there, I read an article that Honda car brand holds the top 10 for reliable cars, next to it is Toyota, I have toyota premio and still in good running condition! My friend owns several Honda cars he said that japanese cars are very reliable cars

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