Thursday, 7 June 2012

Suzuki's Jimny revisited 2012

Again in early March, why I do not think a large part of Suzuki jimny off roader it is that I wrote, in spite of
its good Reputation. By coincidence Gemini model 2012 Sierra, and the values ​​I was able to spend a week $ 22,990, cheaper, smaller and less powerful 4WD New Zealand market for "good" of the And low-range gearing, Gemini, and open-beam axle suspension front and rear coils. This I was immediately clear earlier, a critical review. Manual gearbox is a five-ratios and clutch Much better than getting promoted for many years and we are just fine, from the roads.However, this week I have also served to remind the off-road Gemini another reason I do not care. My hard part Was Muriwai Beach, the sand and very popular in the 4WD track for delicious Wilson, along with some loose. Local residents and off-road enthusiasts. Wrangler Rubicon me less than a week and I did not The problem is loose sand, but I remember how to keep the faltering Gemini you drive this thing until an independent Things: firstly, a small metal pedal. Fast and the Gemini engine howling, and even more so. I had to repeat the whole "Noise "of the road several times and got sick of it quickly. Not really I do not think off-road Adage, "slow as fast as necessary", and only screaming through the barrier is not as good looks Command me, despite the existence of some of the values of entertainment.

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