Monday, 7 May 2012

Honda shows Concept 2012,2013

Honda cars in China, Beijing has pitched the concept of models of at least five different,
Topping the salon concept C and a new version of the concept of NSX.
Has been developing the concept of C for the Chinese market, Honda C 'cold', and 'challenge' and
'Chinese'. This is a car designed by Honda Honda is more important to support designers in China, and shows that Japan's unwavering commitment to the region.S concept is the next green hue to the airlines people. Honda tells us that S stands 'Elegant', 'intelligent' and 'surprise', and comes with the power of hybrid gasoline and electricity.
S also shows the concept of reflection on the packaging of Honda MPV, the idea encompasses many existing models For example, folding the back seat of Jazz. Once again, it will be S for sale in China and has
It is 2013.Global consumption, and the new Acura NSX is a car in China, under a new name is a luxury Honda.
United States of America brand. Honda NSX and the new will be on sale within the next three years.
Honda rounding out the concept of Bonanza, salon form a little bit more like him Acura brand, there are two types of cars And, RDX compact SUV car. It will be both for sale in China later, in 2012, but to say that the Honda was not in the car or Other markets.

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